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colorado golf linksWelcome to Colorado Golf Links, a directory of golfing in Colorado. Click a link above to visit the relevant section that you are looking for.

Colorado golf links is a golf course directory that serves two purposes, 1 – it is a resource for finding a number of golfing courses that are within Colorado, and 2 – it is a resource for finding your golfing needs wherever they may be in the USA.

So if you’re looking to find out where all the Colorado golf courses are in Colorado, we have a good selection of them over in our golf courses page. If you are simply looking to purchase or upgrade your existing equipment, you can visit the Gulf equipment page and get yourself new golfing equipment there, or visit one of the golfing apparel pages to buy golfing apparel.

Colorado golf links is here to help share the passion for this one game that offers a great way to learn new skills, in a sport that does not require much physical strain and endurance, but does require skill with a golf glub to get that ball in the hole. After some hard work, it is great to be able to rest, relax and enjoy your time by visiting golf resorts in Colorado to enjoy a golf vacation.

Time for a bit of trivia. Where did both come from? What the truth is nobody really knows. Some people will say it began with the Romans with a game that they used to play where participants would use a bent stick to hit a stuffed leather ball. And apparently as the Roman Empire spread, so they took the game across Europe with them.

Another school of thought believes that the Chinese invented golf somewhere between the eight and 14th century. This school of thought posits that golf entered Europe a in the Middle Ages. And another school of Fort puts forward that the modern game of golf actually derived from a similar sport that was played in England and France.

And there is even another school of Fort that says that the game of golf derived from a Persian game. Or even yet again that it derived from a game played in the Netherlands in the 13th century.

So the reality is, nobody really knows where golf originated, and this may just be one of those things that is near impossible to figure out where it originated from. But what we do know is that the modern game that we play today originated in Scotland where its first written recording was when it was banned by James second in 1457 because people were playing it instead of learning archery.

Now could go into a bit of history about Colorado here as well, seeing as this site is called Colorado golf links. However, let’s not get too long in the tooth, after all this site is for exploring golf links. So do enjoy your time on Colorado golf links.

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